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Thursday, 11 May 2017 10:35

New media for Sisters of Charity

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Sister Clare Nolan rsc YouTubeThe Sisters of Charity of Australia have unveiled their new website through a YouTube message by Sister Clare Nolan rsc who invites everyone to explore this new media for the congregation.

"Take a few minutes to explore our website. Learn more about our beginnings, our history, and the ministries we continue in today. You will find on the website that the Sisters of Charity are women of Mary Aikenhead, contemplatives in action impelled by the love of Christ," said Sr Clare.

"The Sisters of Charity were the first women religious to come to Australia and we have been serving the people of Australia for almost 180 years. We live the joy of the Gospel, we respond to the call to mission, keeping our ear on the heart of God and our hand on the pulse of time."

The launch highlights the integrated use of new media for the congregation through the website, electronic newsletter and social media channels (Facebook and YouTube). 

Explore the new Sisters of Charity website.

Follow the Sisters of Charity on Facebook.

Watch Sr Clare's welcome video to the new Sisters of Charity website below.